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Who is GRs

Sounding The Alarm With A Right Now Word From The Lord. The Mission Is To Make Disciples For Christ And Accomplish What The Father Is Speaking.. GRs Can Be Compared To The Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah And His Roar Is Designed To Shake The Nations! 

His Story

Some may wonder, what does GRs stand for? An acronym, Gods Resurrected son. 

Lyrically gifted in the craft of music creation, GRs passionately delivers a powerful message that challenges others to examine their hearts. Many fellow believers have left their first love. and his mission has been to priortize intimacy and to restore rest in the father's presence. Holy Spirit said clearly to GRs, "Many say Lord, Lord but don't do what I say".  From that day forward he has remained sensitive to the prompting of Holy Spirit. GRs had the honor of performing at the Apollo in 2018.

He has worked with reputable artists Eshon Burgundy, R-Swift, and H.U.R.T. 


Militant minded. Living like a civilian is not an option. 

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Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

GRs strives to spend time in the presence of God. He is intentional when it comes to his relationship with Jesus. This artistry was destined to reach a multitude and penetrate the hearts of man. With Revalatory bars, Holy Spirit transmutes his thoughts to create a uniquely written masterpiece. Multi-talented and Multi-faceted, GRs has been encouraged to continue developing his technical abilities through music and video production. , GRs draws upon his relationship with Jesus and lifelong passion for music to maintain his unique style and sound. 

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GRs “Audience of One” Official Music Video 🔥WE4EVERON Productions🔥
GRs ft. Prof3cy “Tap Out” (Official Music Video) 🔥WE4EVERON Productions🔥
GRs "Walk by Faith" (Official Music Video) 🔥WE4EVERON Productions🔥
GRs ft. Scenario "SOLD OUT" (Official Music Video)
GRs ft. R-Swift "Like This" (Official Music Video)




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