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Honoring your husband

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

🐘 Let’s address the elephant in the room 🐘


Wives NOT honoring their husbands.

It must be addressed with loving kindness and compassion. So the purpose of this post is to address wives concerning their husbands on the subject of Honor.

(side note: I know wives do experience this too, yet this topic is not often addressed or even spoken about.)

Let’s be 💯% real...

MY heart has cried out for these men of God. Seriously though. The Lord knows. These are good men. Men that love the Lord with all their hearts. Men who honor their wives as their own bodies. Men who take care of their responsibilities, yet in turn are enduring abuse. Not physical abuse. No. This type of abuse is under the radar and not detectable.  You probably already know what I'm about to say. But I'm a say it anyway. Let's address it. The emotional abuse. The psychological abuse. And even financial abuse. And it is deteriorating marriages. What shame it is. These women are manipulative and controlling, who lack humility and don't realize (yet maybe some do) that their actions are slowly destroying their marriages. These attacks are strategic. This Spirit operating through these wife are Set up by the enemy to trigger the man to doubt and bring confusion. Onslaughts that are designed to have him question his very identity in Christ Jesus.

Our Heavenly Father is abundantly pardoning those whose hearts are open to receive His grace and mercy. Please be considerate to examine your own heart, and allow the Holy Spirit to highlight areas where he wants to bring loving correction through a kind and gentle rebuke.

The Fathers Love for us is best expressed through conviction. It’s a knowing. Knowing that something isn’t right. With ourselves. An area the Father is highlighting and is willing to help us correct. Its best compared to a father who loves their child. This father will instruct, train, and teach them. He continually offers his helping hand to aid in the growth and development of their beloved seed. This example is for us, how our Heavenly Father is towards us personally.  But we must allow His Spirit to have first place our hearts. The Lord must have preeminence, in our hearts. If not we will be full of ourselves, prideful, arrogant, self-centered, walking after our own imaginations and lustful desires. We do not want to end up in this place. A place where our own minds are an enemy to God. A place where our actions create a hostile environment. What a tragedy it would be if we choose to walk after the flesh and forfeit all the benefits Jesus died to secure for us. Yet, God is so graciously awaiting us to return to him. We must go to him and humbly ask for help. He will train us up, in all things. Especially the things that bring honor to Him.

Holy Spirit, our paraclete, our comforter, our helper. His person, in us, is the only thing we need to wholeheartedly honor our own husbands. Simple for some of us yet a struggle for others, yet extremely necessary if you plan to be effective as a wife (as a matter of fact, every area of life). Here's how we learn to honor our husbands, by submitting and yielding to the Holy Spirits leading. Yup that’s it. But, if we find it hard to yield and submit then He must deal with the root, and that is, pride. The only way to deal with the root, (this is a tuffy for us self willed women) is the death of Jesus. Deny oneself and take us your cross. Daily.

Let's vow, together, to exercise this biblical truth so the Holy Spirit can help us to become agreeable, flexible, and pliable, graciously flowing as the blessing our husbands so very desperately need.

👇👇 Here is what the word says..

And let the wife see that she RESPECTS and REVERENCES her husband [that she Notices him, Regards him, Honors him, Prefers him, Venerates, and Esteems him; and that she Defers to him, Praises him, and Loves and Admires him EXCEEDINGLY].
Ephesians 5:33 AMPC

I believe when we take the time to look up the definition of certain words, that depth of understanding helps us to perceive things more clearly. In this we equip ourselves with the wisdom and understanding to take precise action and to care for others, especially our husbands.

Let’s break down these KEY WORDS:

👉Respect : a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities,

qualities, or achievements.

👉Reverence : deep respect for someone or something.

👉Notice : the fact of observing or paying attention to something.

👉Regard : consider or think of (someone or something) in a specified way.

👉Honor : high respect; great esteem.

👉Prefer : like (one thing or person) better than another or others; tend to choose.

👉Venerate : regard with great respect; revere.

👉Esteem : respect and admiration, typically for a person.

👉Defer : to allow (someone else) to decide or choose something. to agree to follow (someone else's decision)

👉Praise : express warm approval or admiration of.

👉Love : an intense feeling of deep affection.

👉Admire : regard (an object, quality, or person) with respect or warm approval.

What’s pretty cool is how each of these words are cohesive, compatible, or even matching one another.

I will continue to post on this subject as the Lord Leads. Praying all my fellow sisters in Christ, if not already, ask the Holy Spirit to help you grow through this amazing journey

in your marriages! Stay Tuned! Love you all..

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