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 GRs is a lyrically gifted Christian  Hip-Hop  Artist.  Passionately  GRS Delivers A Powerful  message  of awareness and  Hope.  He  stands  on  the  truth  of  the cross,  Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection.  This  personal  experience with  truth  (the  abiding  presence  of Christs'  life  in  him)  has  brought  about a  tranSformation. Now  he  is  committed  to the  mission  of spreading  the  good  news  of the  gospel  of Jesus  Christ.

GRs had the honor of performing at the Apollo in 2018. He has worked with a few reputable Christian artists such as Eshon Burgundy and R-Swift, who both were featured on his first project Martyr Muzik vol. 1.