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Jonathan is an amazing Man of Faith and Power. authentic, and Boni fide, he has been apprehended to encourage and motivate people to avoid living a life of destruction. His talent is remarkable. This man, Jonathan Wallace, is a profound story teller. Relatable and transparent with his lyrical deliverance, his words penetrate the depths of your core with the power of his testimony. Throughout the course of his life, Jonathan Wallace has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Performing at the Apollo and a variety of venues, Jonathan has been earning the admiration and affection of fans since 1995. He serves as both an inspiration and a role model.

The Artist Studio highlights people and there passions. These people that we are privileged to meet are extraordinary in there own amazing way. This episode we highlight Jonathan Wallace. Mr. Wallace is an amazing you man that talks about how the Power of the creator got him through drugs and jail time! It was such an inspiration meeting him.

Jonathan Wallace is a amazing human being that is now living his life motivating and encouraging people not to take the route he did! His talent is remarkable. Using his memory instead of a pen he remembers all his material and shares it with the masses.. Its hard to turn away.

Today while filming DeTv's piece "Profiles" Jonathan Wallace spoke about the first time he smoked Crack at 15 years old and where the Lord delivered him from!

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